Nel-en-John-300x225De Wanjala family

The Wanjala family consists of John, Nel and their three children Joy, Luke and Ben Wanjala. The family also has three children in foster care: Meshack, Mercy and Lucy. John and Nel are the founders and managers of the orphanage, the Happy Rock Center (HRC). Furthermore, John is a pastor. It is the Wanjala’s dearest wish to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone. They bring this in effect by providing a loving home to orphans and sick children: the HRC.

The Happy Rock foundation

The Happy Rock foundation is a Dutch foundation, founded on November 13, 1998. The foundation is intended to financially support the Happy Rock Center and the Wanjala family (the founders of the HRC).

The board consists of:

  • Rianne Noorland, chairwoman
  • Bep Kooyman, secretary
  • Annet van Ballegooijen, treasurer
  • Ina van Leeuwen, board member
  • Laura Kooijman, board member