Mombasa, with her Arabic-European-Kenyan culture, is a beautiful place to stay for a while. The sphere of the East African coast is unique. At the south coast you find the Happy Rock Center. We are always looking for volunteers that love children and are trustworthy and enthusiastic.

Just like in every orphanage, there are never enough eyes, mouths and hands to help the children. It is the extra hug, the talk, the moment of one-on-one contact, playing a nice game with the older children, walking through the garden with an energetic little boy, etc. Next to these activities, a volunteer has their personal talents and (work) experience, which often form a blessing for the staff of the HRC.

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to come and work as a volunteer at the Happy Rock Center? Then please download our letter of welcome and fill out the form. You are most welcome to come over and stay with us!

Jon and Nel Wanjala, the managers of the HRC.