The caretaking of the children is divided in various tasks. There are several housemothers, of which each one of them also has some extra duties, such as doing groceries or being in charge of the medical care of the children. There is a cook, a laundry lady, a gardener, a guard for the day and one for the night, three teachers for the kindergarten Jars of Clay, a farmer that looks after the cows and the land, a book keeper, a contact person for the school and an assistant-manager, who also does a lot of social work.

John is in charge of the repairs, developments and the staff. He is the one who is most often at the HRC to check out if everything is OK. He is also the pastor of the Happy Rock Powerhouse Church and provides a bible study on Thursdays. Next to that, he organizes small evangelization-activities or larger activities that can last up to a week, in collaboration with the elder children and the music team.

Nel is in charge of the organization, PR, the administrational activities in the office and the contacts. She is no less than 3 days per week in the HRC. Together with her assistant-manager Petronilla and John, she works on the staff administration. During the other days of the week she works at home from her desk, in her own house or prepares church activities and the Sunday school.