The kids

  • Jean Mathilde Mwamba

    February 2018 Jean had flu and then everything is too much. Earpain, throatpain, head ache. All she wants is to sit on auntie’s lap when she is awake. All kids see how moody she is; some respond kind, others tease her. Then we talk about it on the way home from school and I so […]

  • Emma

    February 2018 Emma arrived in February in Happy Rock. She came traveling from Mombasa with Petro. She is the sister of Rhoda, who lives in HRC (for almost 10 years already). Emma has never been in school, her mother was not able to raise her in a normal way; she is addicted. Emma seems to […]

  • Timothy Mikheal M.

    February 2018 Finally… Timo has a chicken. Actually it’s still a chick. We had promised him for his birthday his own chicken. Some things delay a bit. This week I found 2 chicks for sale and thought: Yes! That is again another promise fulfilled. After long thinking he called it Talia. I thought a moment […]

    Date of birth: September 29, 2008

  • Barak Ali Mwamba

    February 2018 Sometimes he doesn’t feel like doing homework. Then he has a great fantasy: “Teacher, we all had to go to bed early, I couldn’t do my home-work”, or “Teacher, the dog ate my homework notebook last night”. 🙂 🙂 The teacher called Meshack and with more motivation and patience we have pulled him […]

    Date of birth: 5 maart 2011

  • Matthew Gabe Mwamba

    February 2018 Matthew was completely ready to finally leave the home and go to Nursery School. Uncle Meshack bought the smallest size uniform and there he was, proud and nervously smiling at the same time. He is doing well, he enjoys going to school and at the same time he is very happy to come […]

    Date of birth: February 3, 2014

  • Beatrice Gabrielle Mwamba

    February 2018 Beatrice is very glad with her doll; she got it for her birthday form the Netherlands. It lays on her bed. She has also lots of admirers; last weekend there was a secondary school visiting us, and one of the students walked around with the doll in her arms, enjoying herself completely. Beatrice […]

    Date of birth: December 1, 2011

  • Hussein Yahiya

    February 2018 Hussein celebrated Christmast by us in Eldoret. After that he returned to Kirinyaga University and started with his second semester of the first year. Unfortunately the teachers of the university are not paid well, and have started striking. They do this almost yearly. The students go in such situations to libraries and do […]

    Date of birth: September 8, 1998

  • Michael Judah Mwamba

    February 2018 Michael’s English is improving a lot. He likes to give me nice answers. If they come from school and we drive home, he likes to talk about how the day was, and is the talker. He is a peaceful boy that knows what he wants. He grows well and has started to join […]

    Date of birth: June 27, 2012

  • Kelvin Otieno

    April 2015 Hi. In December I went to my dad. He took me to my family ground and I met my grandma! That was very nice. I stayed a couple of days with her. Than we returned to Mombasa. In HRC we started computer lessons after school. I like it very much. And also it […]

    Date of birth: Augustus 15, 2004

  • John Elliot Mwamba

    February 2018 Elliot is a cozy affectionate boy. He loves touching. When he chats with you he lays his foot on yours, or hangs his whole leg over your knee. He stammers a bit, but not too much. He can also be very moody and grumble. But it’s easy to get him out of it. […]

    Date of birth: August 15, 2012

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