February 2018

He came last week from school and told me with big eyes: “There are several prisoners who escaped from prison mama Joy”. Me: “Wow, than we need to make sure we lock the gate proper yes?” He was nervous about it, in school they had blown it up of course. But a sober response almost made him laugh again.

He has a black chicken called Talia and she had 2 chicks. One was running a lot after Matthew, who decided to throw a stone on it, not realizing that it can die, and so it did. Diana opened the doghouse to greet the dog, and he snatched the second chick. I said: I buy a new one for you. This week I got 2 chicks from around one month old. Perfect! The grey one is for him, grey is close to black… he called it Grace.

Eric is fine, playing football, going to church well dressed, doing his homework well. It all goes well. He is an organizer who cares for the other children. He loves playing outside.

April 2015

Hello there. I am a good singer and love to sing in Sunday school and actually everywhere I song about God. He makes me happy. We all got beautiful shoes from friends. Nice no? With my cool clothes and new shoes I look super. I like being neat and clean. I also like to tickle mamas, in their neck, under their feet, then I crawl under the table… All goes well. I play mostly with Barak and Tim and the smaller children.

July 2014

Hi, here I am with my big smile, but inside I am still shy so don’t get me wrong. If I smile and you come close, I still will start to cry, cause I have to get used to new people. I love my new clothes. When we got visitors they gave us such nice boys shirts and trousers. Wow. I show Mama Joy all the time my shirt again and again. I like that. I can repeat it 10 times, and all the time she says: wow! I am fine, playing outside a lot in the sandpit or by the swing. The other day we went to the sea, that was a nice outing, in the van with uncle John. They were going to spray the garden with medicine against the mosquitos. So it stank a lot. We had a great time. I talk shyly but I do. I draw a bit and am happy in most of my days. Bye! Eric