February 2018

Riziki has a new room-mate: Emma. She is twelve years old, and a little shorter than Riziki. Emma never went to school, and gets home-school at the moment, until she can read and write. Riziki has given Emma several clothes. She tries to make friends with Emma, but it is crystal clear that Riziki much more developed is than Emma. And for Emma that is reason to sometimes say a sharp word or do something funny. But Riziki is not crazy, she understands and takes it easy.

This month half of the group is hit by the flu (inclusive me, 10 days!) or malaria. Riziki was having strong flu, after one day home she wanted to resume school, but after doing so, halfway the day she had to be picked, this was too quick. This afternoon she was lying on the sofa with a skirt, legging, socks and jumper; nicely warm. She admitted now she was sick and that was ok. Eric was lying on the other sofa, also down with proper flu.

In school it goes really well, she becomes better and overtakes others to her great happiness. She has done her exams well.

April 2015

Hello! I am well and becoming tall! I like to stay very clean, I don’t even change uniform every day. I love to copy the big girls, and wear my bath towel just as them when I walk to the shower ☺. I help Talia and Diana dressing up. I don’t like chores very much, so when they call me I say: come Talia, aunt is calling us!

July 2014

Hi. How are you doing? I am fine. I love making people happy, and I always bring auntie Yunah a flower in the break of school. Then i go to the office and call her. She already knows it and allows me to come in. I love aunt Yunah and pray for her every day. Also I like to make the garden clean, and bring schoes back in side, bring toys back, but first I call mama Joy so she can see it, and than she claps for me, or kisses me. That makes me glad. I was on the beach last week and ran so hard, i fell and really scratched my face. You can see it on the pic but it doesn’t hurt. In school I am doing well and teacher says I am knowing already a lot. I like school and am glad we started again after Christmas. Also I got beautiful slippers. Greetings from me!