February 2018

Rhoda was very happy to see Emma. She likes it to have a sister. She does have to get used to the personality of her sister, because she doesn’t really know her. They separated ways when Emma was still a baby. Emma boasts to everyone that she has an older sister, so Rhoda gets used to be an “older sister”. It gives Rhoda much peace that she is here now. Of course there is still her mother, and so sometimes she is worried about her; will she survive without Emma? We pray for mother and focus now first on education and Emma.

In the school in Kitale it goes well, she only had one ‘below average’. So I think it goes very well. They have a good system there; every student has a ‘mother’ of a higher class. So there is no space for bullying,  stealing, quarrels etc. This term Rhoda partook in a drama class. She develops widely and becomes a nice person. She has good observations about the younger girls in our home, I like it that she has such wisdom inside of her.

April 2015

Hi there. My live is spread over a few spaces. School, home (homework), church, for youth meetings and activities, and bedroom. I am in the exam year of school, and study as much as I can. It goes well. when I come home from school I first sleep a bit. Than shower and eat. Than the books come on the table. Also in the early morning at 4am I am preparing. And if I have a minute left, and I have a few shillings, I am on my mobile phone ☺. Wish me luck!

July 2014

Hi there. How are you? I am ok in school, in standard 4. My class teacher is happy with me, because I have improved. I am 13, and I like doing shopping. I bought nice slippers and shoes for in church. When I grow up I will be a banker, or musician and a person who helps street people. In the powerhouse Jacky and I do the hospitality so if you ever come I will give you coffee after the service! Karibu. That’s all. Greetings, Rhoda