February 2018

Our designer has started in Vera College in Eldoret. The first weeks she drove with us, as I was driving the kids to school. Then she would be too early in class, but the room was already open and there were more early birds, so that was rolling well. Now the times have changed, she goes to school in the afternoon, and gets a lot of work to do in the mornings at home. She is disciplined and organized. She got two t-shirts with the name of the school on it, and we told her to show it to us. She did, and was happy.

The subjects of the course are wide; fashion, events, interior design, learning to model/walk, making clothes, cutting material. Now she travels herself in our small busses called matatu’s and will move in with Petro. This way she has less noise and can learn better, also she can continue her development into adulthood better, without living in the home with all the small ones.

She had a holiday job in the home, and Meshack paid her. She send some money to her grandma, who said: “Now I can bless myself with a good meal”.

She was a week down because of malaria, but is already recuperated and back in school.

April 2015

Hi. Finally! My sister came to live with us, now it is less boring here in the holidays. We read, work, and cook together for our grandma. And go for small visits to our family who live close by. It is so nice to have Peris around. Grandma is very happy with her 2 helpers. She is proud of us and in Likoni they are also happy with our results in school. I miss them but I can handle it.

July 2014

Hi! How are you? I am in standard 7 and 13 year now. I am Fine. In school I have a new teacher, a man. I don’t like him so much but he teaches his subjects nicely. I need your prayers for maths, it’s not easy. My health is very nice. In the weekend I like shopping. I went with uncle Vincent, and bought nice shoes, slippers, last month a belt. I saved my money from my b’day and a bit left from Christmas. We received nice new t-shirts from our friends in NL. We dance in them especially on Sunday. We look cool. I’m happy and ok. Greetings from Norah.