February 2018

Michael’s English is improving a lot. He likes to give me nice answers. If they come from school and we drive home, he likes to talk about how the day was, and is the talker. He is a peaceful boy that knows what he wants. He grows well and has started to join the football team on Saturday. This is two kms walking! Very good. Fridays the primary kids walk home from school, (6kms)! They like to exercise, because also many other children walk long distances. Those families have no car, and no money for the matatu,(little bus). Michael wants also to walk on Fridays. Ambitious, but perhaps next year.

In church he sings well, has his eyes closed during the (long) prayer. Actually all kids are doing well compared to others in church. Mike looks neat; nice jeans and shirt and sandals. And of course he applies lotion to his skin that looks so healthy and shiny. He is a cool boy.

April 2015

Hi y’all. I am Mike, in short. I have a strong opinion and am boss over Elliott. I eat well and mostly I am in a good mood. When I see that the food is ready, I command the rest to come out of the sandpit to the place for washing hands. I talk already quite good. I am doing much better than when I came. My legs were broken, and I don’t know how that happened. But these aunties and uncles are good for me. Bye!