February 2018

Meshack was glad to celebrate Christmas with us all, inclusive his sister Jackline. All 12 highschool / university students were present and it was good to see what a family-man he is becoming. Flexible, caring, entertaining and attentive.

In January he started his first semester of his second year. Every year has two semesters. Yesterday many teachers of universities have began to strike, because they are underpaid. Thank God, the teachers of Meshack’s uni are not striking. His first semester is from January until April. The second: from September until December. So in between he has a long time free. I spoke to him this morning: he is going to stay by uncle and look for a job. He wants to save and try to get his driver’s license. He usually has good plans.

April 2015

Hey. I am in the LAST year of the secondary school. I think it is the heaviest year of all. The exams were no joke. But my report is even BETTER than the last one. Vincent and Mesh are proud of me and believe I can still improve. They motivate me to end with a B instead of the C+ that I got now. I really will do my best. Otherwise I am doing well, I am healthy, taller, slim and good looking ☺

July 2014

Jambo. I am happy to be in standard 8 and finish Primary School this year. I am 14 now. Too much work though! We work and study up to 11pm sometimes. I am 5th in position in school. I am very happy to work even more hard, toward becoming 1st position. I’d like to go to a nice high school for boys. I feel more bored in HRC, getting ready for life in boarding school. Otherwise I am ok, health is ok, Dad is ok, i don’t see him a lot though.  My sister Jackline is doing very fine. In church I help set up the sound system, and help also doing choreography by our dances. Future wishes; singing, mechanical engineering, which is what I want to be doing. God bless! Meshack.