February 2018

Jude is really doing his best in school. He understands most of it, and also how things go in this school. Announcements, news, Jude gets the point and brings all the news home. He corrects others if they bring the messages wrongly. In his eyes it must be correct. He made his own friends in class and is more or less settled there. School costs him quite some energy. In the car, when we drive home, he loves to lie in the chair instead of sitting and gains some energy. If you mention something like: well, you are too tired he? Then he has to laugh and me too. He has such a good sense of humor, and is very clever. Also at home he rolls on the sofa, and relaxes first of all, before any other job can be done, or before he starts his homework.

In the weekend he loves to relax. He is doing all kinds of little jobs. Then in the break they drink tea with white bread/butter. In the afternoon they walk to church, (2km). On the compound of the church is a football field, and a basketball court. After that he comes home happy but tired, so he showers, eats and watches TV. He is a people-person, who likes to be with others. You don’t see him alone a lot. Most of the time he is with someone, and he is doing well and healthy.

April 2015

Hey there. All well? I become a better footballer. I am smart and if they don’t understand me quickly I become almost angry. I hang a lot with the older boys. I learn better football from them, and we talk about nice things, nicer than the talks with my age-mates. I do my best in school and in computer lessons. Super nice, to learn computer. My mam remains un-traceable and sometimes my heart is sad. But mama Joy and Petro are good mama’s too.

July 2014

Hey, they started a church here in the happy Rock. When its time for worship i step out of line and go to the front to dance, shake my arms and have a good time. I love music, it makes me happy. I like to participate from the beginning. When they say: clap, I do it. I like to learn it. Grace knows it very good, but I am coming up also. Jesse is ok, and a lot around me when school is out. I like that. He’s my brother. Sometimes he gives me my food and feeds me. I got nice clothes and sandals. We really know who’s shoes are mine, who’s are Eric’s and who’s are Tim’s. When there is a volunteer we help her. Also with domino, I can help her laying all stones in a nice line, pictures up. I am enjoying my days and start talking a lot. I am healthy and fine. Greetings, Jude.