February 2018

Jean had flu and then everything is too much. Earpain, throatpain, head ache. All she wants is to sit on auntie’s lap when she is awake. All kids see how moody she is; some respond kind, others tease her. Then we talk about it on the way home from school and I so enjoy these conversations; honest and open.

Jean is feeling a bit alone, because Matthew has started school this year. She follows the house mothers where ever they go and chats her own language, with some real words. When I ask: “ You like to come with me pick up the kids from school?” she says: “OK!” and the housemothers love it when she already understands and responds in English. Then she sits in the back of the car and I buckle her up and say what we are passing and Jean repeats it like a parrot! “Matatu, lorry, car, bus”.

When Matthew comes from school he hugs her and talks a bit. Sweet. We are almost registered in Eldoret; then we can take-in another baby/toddler. Jean would be very happy, and perhaps no longer the baby at home. Otherwise she is well, growing fine and favorite of uncle Meshack. She visits his office daily.