February 2018

Jackline had a good time with all Rockers in december last year. Together with her brother and all other age mates it was blessed but also a bit cold, she said. Just before 2018 she travelled again with the bus to Mombasa where she lives by her uncle. She had mid- term holiday and stayed by him.

I just had her on the phone; she has began the last year of secondary school. It is not going that great; she scores many subjects under average. She says she doesn’t like learning. Her sister said: I will find you a job, as a waitress in a hotel. That is not a bad idea I think. But you probably need to learn a bit to be a good waitress. So we agreed that Jackline tries to pull it up is much as she can, and in the meantime we check what is needed to become a waitress. If she is a few years older, she can still choose to do a course in the hotel business if that is what she likes. Every child goes his/her own path.

April 2015

Hey. I have moved to my aunt in November. In January we found a nice school in Voi and there I learn and live now with Agnes. But at this moment we have holiday and I am in uncle/aunts house. Relaxing, and doing chores. Cooking, sweeping, watching TV and care for the small children. I have to get used to be living in the boarding school. I have to live there a bit longer to really feel ok. But it’s going to be fine, I believe.

July 2014

Hi. I am fine. My Christmas was the best. I was by my dad and we had a cool time. I am going so shop with my mentor. I saw nice sandals and I still have some money left from Christmas. In HRC i am doing well. I’m becoming a little lady, mama Joy says. In school all is ok. I am happy to be n a new class. Our dog had new puppies so you know where I spend my hours outside school? By the puppies! Greetings! I’ll write later this year to you again. Bye! Jacky.