February 2018

Hussein celebrated Christmast by us in Eldoret. After that he returned to Kirinyaga University and started with his second semester of the first year.

Unfortunately the teachers of the university are not paid well, and have started striking. They do this almost yearly. The students go in such situations to libraries and do self-study, to save what is possible, while they hope the strike ends faster.

He enjoys his life there; his room-mates are very ok. They are a nice team who share all things together. He just sent me this overview of the first year, first semester.

Introduction to Programming and Algorithms: D, Introduction to Accounting: C, Communication skills: C, Introduction to Computer Application: C, Mathematics for Science: B, Analogue Electronics: B, Computer Systems and organization: B, Computer Networks: A. This is not a bad start at all, we are glad.

April 2015

It’s going not bad. But I can improve, I know I can. So I will ‘pull up my socks’, I promised. I have holiday now and was send with stuff from my aunt to my sister. Nice, this way I see them all. And than to HR and chat with who is there. I go to the office, to the kitchen, to girls and boys house and talk to those in the shift. The kids climb on me as soon as I sit! But its good. Also mama Joy was there. This time I got a bit of a preaching that I have to perform better. I am gonna do it. Otherwise I am strong, tall like uncle John and very healthy.