February 2018

Emma arrived in February in Happy Rock. She came traveling from Mombasa with Petro. She is the sister of Rhoda, who lives in HRC (for almost 10 years already). Emma has never been in school, her mother was not able to raise her in a normal way; she is addicted. Emma seems to enjoy being here.

We have employed a teacher, so Emma can learn at home to read and write, after which she can go to a school. She is smart and fast, and learns quickly. She is already showing her true self; she can respond very strong, i.e. if someone says something a bit loud, she will answer just as loud. Then the older kids look at each other: “Really!?” “No way! Calm down a bit!”, and she looks back with the same guts. This is why Petro (our manager) and I told each other: “Buckle up, it’s gonna be a rough ride..” Emma is extrovert, enjoys that she has a big sister, and tells everyone! She loves action and going out; when I see her in church she is one big smile. We are curious what the next weeks bring, but especially for Rhoda we are very glad we found her sister.