February 2018

Last year Annah was punished and send from school. Petro and Meshack had to talk so much with the deputy. They demanded straight payment of 7500/- (75 euro) and Annah had to repeat class 2. So after all this traveling Annah couldn’t go to Mombasa anymore with Christmas and so she stayed in HRC Eldoret..

To our surprise she told us last week during mid-term holiday, that she has started class 3. Today Petro has gone to school to verify what really happened. Annah says she went to class 3, and just did as if she belonged there. When the director asked for her notebooks, she showed them and her notes were in order. She was told: if you bother again, you are gone. But, Annah says: I work hard, am on time in class and behave well. We hope Petro can confirm all this, and hope also that Annah grows and will do her best this year.

April 2015

Hallo! I have moved to my auntie in November. The CH.Off. advised this to HRC. So I live with in this family, although their own children are all older and no more in school. I go to school (shelly academy) with the bus and am in my last year. I had to get used a lot to the changes in my family. They are nice but different at the same time. So my grades have gone down a bit, but I am working on it. Sometimes I pass by HRC, specially at lunch time. Cozy. Cause that remains also my family. ☺

July 2014

Hello you all. It’s me Annah. I am 11 now and doing well. I am getting tall. I like going to football and swimming. I like swimming, that s my hobby. I like to do with my mentor to buy shoes and clothes and i like my shoes so mmmmuch! I like when I spend my time with Josh, me and our mentor Leah. I also sing, I like my home in HRC and Mama Joy and Uncle John so much. They give us everything we want. (well, almost :D). Thanks my sponsors! God bless for all help! Annah.