The Origin

The Dutch Nel Bloemheuvel moved to Kenia on September 23, 1996 to work with the organization Youth with a Mission and evangelize amidst street children in Nairobi. At Youth with a Mission she met the Kenyan John Wanjala, who had been a Muslim, but converted to Christianity. They fell in love and got married. Both carried the dream to do more for the children and that is now the idea of an orphanage came into being. The Happy Rock Center got established at the beginning of 2005, when a good home became available. At the moment the HRC provides a home to more than 30 children. The compound also provides a place for a kindergarten and on Sundays there is a sermon at the Happy Rock Center.

On a distance of 45 minutes, the HRC owns a piece of land. This is where vegetables are being grown and where a couple of cows are kept that provide milk. Next to that, attempts are being made to mine fresh water.

The HRC is being maintained by the financial support that is received through the Happy Rock foundation.